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Other children without supervision. Keep packaging films out of the hands of children.

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Back light There is a danger of suffocation. Your doctor can help you choose the proper training intensity and heart rate guidelines for your Wearing the chest belt exercises. Adjust the chest belt so that it fits This heart rate heart rate monitor is not a fat burn physiq device and snugly directly below the chest should only be used as a guide for your training.

Batteries Ensure that the contact areas Keep batteries out of reach of small children. If a battery is swallowed, you must constantly remain in skin contact. If necessary, clean the battery and device following illustration.

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Never attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries. Never short- Please ensure that the chest belt is circuit or attempt to open batteries. Never throw batteries into fire as they may seated properly. When you have explode.

If the device will not be used for an extended time period, remove the exhaled completely the chest belt battery and store the device in a dry and dust-free area. Improper use of the should still have very slight tension battery can lead to explosion or leakage.

Please take special care when reading the chapter "Important safety information". Keep this instruction manual so you may use it a reference material in the future. If you sell or give this product to someone else it is very important to also include this manual. Intended use This electronic appliance is intended for time display and the described additional features. Any other use or modification of the electronic appliance does not comply with the intended uses.

If the battery leaks, avoid contact with pressing it to your chest. Use gloves. If you are exposed to battery High voltage power lines, Trains or acid, rinse the affected areas with plenty of clean water and immediately seek moving vehicular traffic may interfere medical attention.

Remove discharged batteries from the device as they present an with the heart rate measurement. Please consider this when planning contact area your exercise route. User This device may be used by persons including children over 8 years of age with Coded transmission reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities or lack of experience and The chest belt's transmissions are digitally coded to prevent interference if you are knowledge, if they are supervised or instructed regarding the safe use of the training with a training partner who is using an identical watch and chest belt.

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Children may not play with the When using the chest belt for the first time, a random channel is selected device. Cleaning and user maintenance of the device may not be performed by automatically. The channel is briefly displayed at the top of the display upon entering the heart rate display mode. The channel can be changed by briefly removing the battery from the chest best Now select English, German, French or Spanish language by pressing SEL and and reinserting it.

The chest belt will randomly select a channel and after approx.

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The 12 or 24 hour selection will blink on the display. Set the seconds, minutes, hours, year, month and day in the same way. Now the basic settings will follow. Set the month and day in the same way.

Press the bicycle holder onto the top of the handlebar. The heart rate monitor can now be attached to the bicycle holder Set each digit of your height by pressing SEL and confirm each digit by pressing in the same way that you would attach it to your wrist.

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Complete the setting procedure by pressing MODE. The maximum range of 70cm between the heart rate monitor and the chest belt should not be exceeded. This is the only way to change language and the units of measurement.

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The order of the modes is as follows: Press and hold SET for 3 seconds to access setting mode. Second time zone The subfeatures can always be accessed by pressing SEL.

Press and hold SEL for 3 seconds. The watch will switch to the second time zone display and T2 will appear on the display. Setting the second time zone can be Speed setting accomplished in the same way as described in the previous paragraph. When setting numerical values, press and hold SEL to use the speed setting Press and hold SEL for 3 seconds to return to normal time mode.

Seite 3: Preliminary Note Chest belt Heart Rate Monitor Operating temperature °C Dimensions 7 x 3,3 x 1,2 cm Preliminary note Frequency kHz Please read the instruction manual before using the product for the first time- even Weight if you are experienced at using electronic equipment. Screw the battery compartment Important safety information cover back into the case. Moisten the contact areas with water or ECG gel ECG gel can Important notes on the operation of the wrist watch be purchased at a pharmacy.

Press and hold SET for 3 seconds to enter setting mode. Set the hours in the same way. You may optionally set the month and day as well.

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If the day is set, the The timer can be started or stopped by pressing SET. If both the month and the day are set the alarm will Press and hold SET to reset the timer. After the timer time is up an alarm will sound. Press SET to start or stop the stop watch.


Press SEL while the stop watch is running If the chime is activated, the bell symbol will appear and the watch will chime at to record a lap time. Up to 99 laps can be recorded.

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Press and hold SET to reset the stop watch. Exit setting mode by pressing MODE. The alarm can be activated or deactivated Memory feature fat burn physiq pressing SET. If the alarm is activated the alarm symbol will appear. If no button cum arde gras în corpul tău pressed when the alarm sounds, the alarm will shut off after 30 Press SET to display the other lap fat burn physiq.

The alarm will stop and will Please note: The memory feature can only be used if at least one lap time was resume after sounding after 2 minutes. The process will repeat itself 5 times.