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Ligor, B. Buszewski, Chromatographia Supplement,51, Kawata, T. Ibaraki, A. Tanabe, H. Yagoh, A. Shinoda, H. Suzuki, Y. Yasuhara, Journal of Chromatography A,1 Arthur, J. Pawliszyn, Journal of Analytical Chemistry,62, Ciucanu, K.

Swallow, R. Caprita, Analytica Chimica Acta,1 Draga, I. Ciucanu, V. Agotici, A. Fernandez, R. Barna, Chemosphere,75, Xu, C. Basheer, H. Lee, Journal of Chromatography A, Lipinski, Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Leon, B.

Alvarez, M. Cobollo, S. Munoz, I. Valor, Journal of Chromatography A, Kokosa, A. Przyjazny, M. Waste waters produced by the textile industry and the animal wastes from the intensive farming which are generally used for field irrigation are considered pollutant sources for the environment.

These pollutants can be taken by soil and then by plants.

The flavonoids are secondary metabolites of plants; therefore their determination in plants is necessary because they have different important roles in body of plants. The spectrophotometric determination of the total flavonoid content from Triticum aestivum L. The studied plants were periodically watered with solutions of Nylosan Red N-2RBL and ampicillin respectively, prepared at different 1. The quantitative determination of total flavonoids was performed with an UV-Vis Shimadzu spectrophotometer using aluminium chloride as reagent and rutin as standard.

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In both treatments, a decrease in total flavonoid content compared to the control wheat and rye untreated samples has been observed. Thus, the resulted waste waters contain a large number of water-soluble chemical pollutants that is a serious problem for environment [3, 4].

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In the textile industry, more than The most common dyes used in the textile industry are the azo dyes [6]. Intensive irrigation of agricultural lands with water polluted with various industrial effluents severally effects soil fertility and plant growth.

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Carbohydrate, protein and lloyds chimist slimming contents are related to plant growth, a decrease of their content is a clear indication of the toxic nature of the dye industry effluents [7]. In a recent study the effects of the toxic dyes on narrow-leaved cattails were expressed in terms of relative plant growth rate and the appearance of symptoms such as necrosis, and chronic or acute wilting [8].

The other class of pollutants included in this study is the antibiotics that have been used for several decades in human medicine for their antibacterial properties [9].

Surse: Harrison — Principiile medicinei interne [48]altele [49] [50] [51] [52] [53] Diagnosticul de hipertensiune arterială se stabilește în cazul în care pacientul prezintă în mod persistent valori ridicate ale tensiunii arteriale. În mod tradițional, [5] pentru stabilirea diagnosticului sunt necesare trei măsurători ale tensiunii folosind metoda sfigmomanometrică, la intervale de o lună. Datorită disponibilității permanente a aparatelor de monitorizare ambulatorie a tensiunii arteriale și a tensiometrelor cu utilizare la domiciliu, importanța evitării stabilirii diagnosticului eronat în cazul pacienților care prezintă așa-numita hipertensiune de halat alb a dus la modificarea protocoalelor. În Marea Britanie, cea mai bună practică la ora actuală este de a realiza măsurători ambulatorii în urma detectării unei singure valori ridicate înregistrată într-un cadru clinic.

Antibiotics are also extensively used in veterinary medicine as growth promoters or to prevent diseases. The major concern with agricultural antibiotic usage have been their presence in animal-based food products, the development and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and the transport to aquatic environments from lands amended with antibiotic-laden manure [10].

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Several studies have been investigated the potential risks for a range of antibiotics to be taken up from soil by plants, and also have been assessed the potential risks of this exposure route in terms of human health albine burner de grăsime. Other major concern surrounding antibiotics uptake by plants is the contamination of food supply that is associated with health risks [10].

Many studies report the impact of antibiotic exposure to plants. For example sulfadimethoxine was found to reduced significantly root, lloyds chimist slimming, and leaf growth in millet Panicum miliaceum L. Also, streptomicyn was found to inhibit chlorophylls synthesis in barley [14] and fluoroquinolone antibiotics to inhibit the photosynthesis of plants [15].

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